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We want you to succeed. Your success is our success.

  • Janusz Z says: Hello Gregory ! how are you? I'm ok,from 20 September I made 290% from my account,I have 2 accounts it was smaller because some strategies I tested,(600euro to 26000 euro) I added to my chart ema 20, works well, I am looking for divergence, break, and as a candle, it is under ema,or over ema I'm in position .but so to make up for the losses still missing since the beginning of the year I lost 10 000, still about 6000 losses, now I have a strategy and I know that will do much, much more, knowledge is power, your words, as I have any screenshots will send it, for now I trade on a smartphone at work, Regrads Janusz”

    290% Since September 20th 2016 March 31, 2017
  • Peter S says: I started forex at the end of July'16. I purchased numerous mentorships, signal services, and practiced countless hours with no result. One day 4 months in I have a breakthrough. Technical analysis was correct..reading the market was correct and firguring out an entry system to my strategy was hit and miss. I knew I was on the right path and on the brink of success. So I sought out one of the best mentors in the game. Within a week Mr Mcleod has changed my views, my approach, and my overall trading psycology 360 degrees. I went from a little over breakeven trader to doubling $500 accounts 1 to 2 times a week while still learning. I wish I joined sooner, but what can I say...Im still brand new to forex and my results are far beyond some pros. Thank you again Mr Mcleod.”

    Only for the Passionate March 31, 2017
  • Lonnie C says: Greg went into great detail about the different levels of training that he offers. I appreciate the straightforward honesty that Greg gives you about what it takes to be able to trade profitably. I look forward to working with Greg to meet my trading goals in 2017.”

    Breakthrough Strategy Session March 31, 2017
  • I'm really enjoying your Pip and Run bootcamp. I'm still only a novice, but made 70 pips yesterday! That was my first day of trading with my new knowledge.”

    Made 70 pips on First Day! April 1, 2017
  • Vincent W says: I woke up this morning and I started to think about what pairs to trade. Well let's check out the Myheatmap. I trade the major currencies so I look for the currencies that I like to trade that are at the top or bottom of the Myheatmap. I have totally been able to eliminate hours of analysis about the trend or the direction. At this point all I have to do is implement the techniques and strategies that Greg has instilled in me to find the entry points. This is for the long term trader or short term trader. And I feel that with Greg's training, the average trader can become a great trader. Not to mention, being part of our team of traders who help each other. Team work is actually the missing piece most people don't talk about. It streamlines the learning process by learning from experience traders and teaching to less experience traders than you.”

    Save some time and use the Heatmap April 1, 2017
  • Janusz Z says: Hello, I'm on the second webinar. I traded four setups ; 30, 15, 14, and 10 pips for a total of 69 pips. This strategy is fantastic, now I can not sleep. My mind is only on the strategy, heheheh. Greg is amazing. I'm happy. Regards, Janusz”

    So Excited that I can't Sleep! April 1, 2017
  • BV R says: I reached my first mile stone this week...doubled my account...giving me great moral boost..your guidance is very helpful thanks a lot for your efforts. I feel more confident now....there are several opportunities I should be able to locate now, that is the difference after joining...all credit goes to you and your teaching. I am happy to part of your team!”

    Doubled account with Greg's Teaching April 1, 2017
  • Rod C says: No matter what level of trader you are currently, joining Greg's Inner circle Mentorship will Escalate your trading to levels you only dreamed about before. I have been trading with Greg now for almost 6 months, and I have surpassed every goal I had and even smashed others to the point its hard to believe they even existed. So if I was you, I would sign up today and forget every other splash of forex training you have seen out there. The only disappointment you will have is that you didn't do this sooner!!!”

    Get Ready for Your Payday!! April 1, 2017
  • Abid M says: My real forex account is at Tradersway and started with $1,320 and now my balance is at $5,900 just in 11 days using your Pip and Run Scalping technique which you taught. I hit my daily target of $450/day during Asia....Thanks!”

    346% in 11 days April 1, 2017
  • Dave R says: Watched Greg's Trend Line and Support/Demand videos as well as 1 hour of a free strategy session. I am a few days into this is all but the difference thus far in my trading is incredible. Seeing things much clearer and am encouraged by the simplicity that I have been able to implement into my trading. Would definitely encourage you to look at his programs's and educational products. Very well done.”

    Excellent Start April 1, 2017
  • Terry W says: I opened a small trading account at the beginning of February with £1000. I put into practise the 6% a week rule - I only look for small trades (15 pips). With lot sizing, I have so far managed 6% increase for both weeks - Very Happy! I am still practising my entries, which is going OK...”

    Back to Back 6% Weekly Gains April 1, 2017
  • Jonathan M says: I met Greg as a college student, working for salary was not covering the bills and I was looking at forex trading to make the gap. I had blown through a few practice accounts before I ran across Greg’s posts for the active trader platform at the time. It seemed nuts, 360 consecutive winning trades. I had to see it for myself, so I started joining Greg for his hourly pre-NY open sessions. It was an experience! He would be looking at a few pairs, analyzing each in real time and often cutting short to go in depth to a particular pair when he saw something. Using the tools, indicators, and explaining each and why he would use them, the chart would be marked up in real time and every trade explained clearly. The sessions were dynamic, each trading day was different and some days we couldn’t enter trades fast enough we were closing so many pips. Eventually I summoned the courage to put forward my own analysis at these sessions and Greg would coach me through where I had overlooked something, or he would trade it! It was a real confidence booster to see my own analysis from Greg’s lessons used by the teacher himself and close out for pips! Thanks to the methods and tools I learned from Greg I not only paid for college in full, but even had enough to buy a condo (at 21), and start my own business. If you are on the fence, the morning of the first of my third year exams, in the 15 minutes before I left for the exam, I cleared my head with a little trading. I left for class ten thousand dollars richer for the morning. Don’t blow your accounts, learn how to trade responsibly from the best – you can’t have a better teacher than Greg Mcleod!”

    Changed my life FOREVER April 1, 2017
  • Lou D says: I started Greg’s Mentorship program two months ago, before the program I was trading once a week, making approximately 20-40 pips, since working with Greg I have been able to trade 4 days/ week, producing 50 + pip/day, having a success ratio of approx. 99% while enlarging my account size by 20%. Being taught by Greg has not only been an absolute joy, but has truly been a paradigm shift, opening my eyes to the science of the market, and providing me with critical thinking to correctly perform trades again and again.”

    FX Mentorship April 1, 2017
  • Yusuf E says: Greg, Thank you for always being Honest and Genuine. I am grateful that you have taken me on as your Mentee and the fact that you have a solid track record and genuine back ground knowledge of Direct Dealing at a real trading desk, you shared a lot of info on how the real trading world works and also the best times to trade. Before our first online meeting, I prepared questions on all my trading challenges which you addressed on point and cleared. You immediately gave me a game plan to move forward. Being a Retail Owner, time is limited and I immediately put into your practice your strategies for the trading times you prescribed which I have a High Success Rate for Scalping the markets for a very short period of time with confidence.I have learned to cut losses early if any. My success rate is is almost perfect. I would definitely recommend your "Break Through Strategy Session " which is on point and on the money which made my Laptop my Mobile ATM ? You can literally "PIP n' Run" Lastly there is a lot of value in your programme it is easy, friendly and the best investment anyone can make, because you start earning from Day One and the programme more then pays for itself.....Guaranteed! I have received more then I expected and Thank You for improving my life. Regards, Yusuf Ebrahim South Africa”

    The Best Mentor by Far April 1, 2017
  • Bradley E says: Greg was awesome and helped out a lot. He was very transparent about the market and took the time to discuss whatever it was I needed help with. It was a very informative session and I definitely recommend speaking with him!”

    Meeting April 1, 2017
  • Rodney C says: I have followed Greg for quite some time, so when the opportunity came up to be mentored by him, I jumped at the chance. I have yet (due to my schedule) been able to take full advantage of all forexpaydays has to offer, yet it has given my trading a direction and accountability it really needed. So I am looking forward to taking it even further with Greg's mentoring. 2016 Should be a GREAT year!!!!”

    Greg, The True Blue Trader April 1, 2017
  • Steve P says: Greg is an awesome teacher. Yesterday he posted in the chat room USDJPY 4 hour set up. This morning I am up over 100 pips because of his post The chat room post from all traders in the group really helps we learn from Greg and from each other its an awesome program. The way he explains the markets and teaches us how to count is easy to understand. I don't just place trades now I understand and know why I am placing a trade. This has been a great learning experience. I feel like I have a skill that can really make a difference in my life.”

    Great Teacher April 1, 2017
  • Hemi S says: Thanks Greg I feel I have turned the corner with my trading an it is a lot more consistent now I made another 12% in my scalping account yesterday. For a total of 32% for the week. I am seeing set ups a lot more an finally have the patients to execute the trades correctly. Unfortunately I head back out to work on Sunday so I won't be able to trade as much. I am pretty confident that I won't be in my job for to much longer an hope to be trading for a living within the next 12 months.”

    Trading has turned the corner FINALLY! April 1, 2017
  • Jerry P says: I was fortunate to meet Greg at the beginning of my trading a couple of years ago. I got introduced into the wonders of trading by his highly educational easy to read-easy to learn articles and webinars. I used all that knowledge to trade bigger time frames (4H , Daily). I knew Greg is specialist on short time frames, but I thought it is too much stress and it requires a lot of time spent in front of computer. Non of it is truth – that is what I know now. After seeing traders under Greg’s wing to post 5min / 1 min charts with precise entries and tight stops reaching Risk/Reward ratio 1to2 1to3 1to4 and higher I decided to give it a try. And this is where the rubber meets to road. Under Greg’s guidance I switched from 4H/Daily to 5min/1min charts in a matter of a couple of days without any difficulties. It is said that short time frames are more risky ….. it may be if one doesn’t know what he/she is doing. But this is not the case of traders following Greg’s trading system. My success rate got way up (btw last two weeks ended up in profit – every single day). How cool is to enter market get the money while other traders still counting Elliot Waves, making their analysis. That is what I do now thanks to using PIP&RUN BOOTCAMP strategy. Armed with the trading skills Greg shared with me I navigate through 5/1min charts with ease, executing trades with high success rate, free of stress , watching my account grow. Joining Greg’s BOOTCAMP it instantly lifted my results many steps higher.”

    Greg's PIP&RUN BOOT CAMP April 1, 2017
  • Katerina M says: I have been trading for less than a month and because of Greg's expert teaching I am already averaging and 80% win rate for my trades! I didn't even know what a pip was! I am so thankful that my first Trading coach will be my last trading coach. The knowledge and instructions are very valuable. And thanks to Greg's sense of humor Bootcamps are a lot of fun! Just awesome is all I can say! Thank you Greg for putting such a powerful reliable system together and making it accessible for beginners!”
    Amazing teacher! April 1, 2017
  • Kevin C says: I really enjoyed the Pip and Run Forex Boot Camp. Greg is an outstanding teacher, mentor, and trader that has a passion for helping others.”

    Awesome Course and Instructor!!! April 1, 2017
  • Chris M says:  Quality Forex education is hard to find these days and with the sea of rehashed information on the subject, it's left up to the individual to figure out what works and what doesn't. Greg, simplifies trading by focusing on what works. I'm glad I joined the boot camp, it put me in touch with like minded traders and reminds me to stay focused on (What Works).”

    Quality over Quantity April 1, 2017
  • Gregory A says: Write your review: Very educational”

    Title your review: pip n run April 1, 2017
  • Andre K says: Greg and forexpaydays was what I didn't know I was looking for until I found it. I've been positioning/swing trading for many years, with OK results, but when I decided to start daytrading I found it very challenging. I was struggling not to loose money. I now abandoned most of my old swing strategies, and explored the world of youtube, this made me even more confused. Until one day I found Greg (yes on youtube) I watched some of his recorded live trading sessions, and it all made sense. So I more or less singed up immediately thinking that copying his trades during the live sessions, might cover the fee. And was I right. After one month of attending to his bootcamp I made a profit of (for me) a whopping 800 Euro, much better than 0 Euro. I Gladly recommend forexpaydays to anyone looking to deepening their understanding in forex day trading. The premium chat room too one thing I really enjoy where we can share setups and get them reviewed by the Maestro him self (that is Greg). I Gladly recommend forexpaydays to anyone looking to deepening their understanding in forex day trading. The premium chat room too one thing I really enjoy where we can share setups and get them reviewed by the Maestro him self (that is Greg).”

    This was what I was looking for April 1, 2017
  • "A Rare Combination of Humility, Brilliance and Mastery” Darran R says: I applaud Greg because his teaching method and sound fundamentals allows one to go into the market with Confidence.. or earn a living with Confidence.. or realize ones dreams thru trading.. All with Confidence!! To me these are all life changing events.. to me this guy is the real deal, with all the gurus, marketeers and messiahs out there Greg's earn and learn approach coupled his compassion and insightful teachings will always keep you on the right side of the market and trading with the smart money . Who knew one could have so much fun when they Pip n Run .”

    Humility, Brilliance and Mastery April 1, 2017
  • Terrance G says: Greg McLeod’s FX coaching program is outstanding! Greg finally helped me understand FX trading with his simple, easy-to-understand methods, strategies, and concepts. A few minutes into our first coaching session, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Prior to meeting Greg, I had lost 50% of my trading account, but after several coaching sessions with Greg, some Pip and Run sessions, and watching his FX teaching videos regularly, I was able to make 17% and 21% returns on my trading account during subsequent months. For me, the best measure of success and great coaching is growing my trading account, and Greg helped me do that. In addition, Greg’s passion, knowledge, energy, and drive to make successful FX traders are remarkable and second to none. I highly recommend Greg’s one-on-one coaching sessions, Pip and Run, and his FX videos, especially the ones on Advanced Trendlines and Supply & Demand Zones. With 20 years of experience, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge that can take your trading to the next level. And, most importantly, Greg is accessible and his resources are affordable and worth every penny. Sincerely, Dr. Terrance Green”

    Greg is what you've been looking for April 1, 2017
  • Lance F says: One of the things I have struggled with in transitioning from daytrading E-mini's to FX is dealing with a market that is non stop from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. I always felt I was one step behind always chasing trades. The feeling was awful as I would go day after day without a trade, since I didnt know where to "begin". But, thanks to Greg and his methodology, especially his technique in locating an "opening range" for the 3 major markets, it was like a fog has just lifted. I cant recommend enough Greg's training to anyone who wants to succeed in the FX markets.”

    Fog lifted April 1, 2017
  • Juris S says: If you are looking for a great mentor Greg is they guy for you, i have been into Forex for some while and could not get forward,but now things is going to change.People don't be afraid to ask for help if you need one, other way i don't think you can succeed.Have a great day.”

    Juris April 1, 2017
  • Sarma V says: Greg is easily one of the very best gurus on forex trading. He has a easy way of explaining the complex lines & curves. More than a coach, Greg is a great friend too.”

    Great Communication Skills April 1, 2017
  • Joyce A says: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and feed him for life!" Greg is a true teacher; he teaches you how to make "the pips in the market". I have been trading for over three years and I had made money; but I lost all that I made and more back to the market. Greg was able to review my trading strategy and pinpoint my error. He then gave me solutions to the problem. That is a true teacher. Identify the problem and teach you to correct your own problem; so that I actually learned. My trading techniques have greatly improved in a very short period of time, and with Greg's weekly pip n' run webinars that I am an annual subscriber of, I have the tools I need to be a successful trader. I just wish Greg would have been around three years ago with Forexpaydays.com; he would have saved me lots of time and money and don't forget the tears of frustration.... Good luck in your trading and buy yourself a Christmas present that will keep giving for a lifetime! Merry Christmas. Joyce in Florida”

    A True Teacher - Greg McLeod April 1, 2017
  • Ram S says: Greg is an amazing coach , i followed him for many years during his old FXCM days, My first day pip and run session was awesome, i earned 28.5 pips this morning in a very short time frame. Its a kind of learn and earn session. Thank you Greg, keep up the good work !”

    Pip and Run Session was awsome April 1, 2017
  • Naveen B says: He is the only one forex strategist in fxcm i used to follow a lot. Felt sad when he quit that, but it was really a miracle when i found him opened forexpaydays and free live chat to all the lost lambs for free. I highly recommend everyone whether newbie or expertin forex. Hs approach to each individual thru free 30 min coaching is noteworthy. And also his point stressing more and more on SDZ has really changed my view on the markets. Great coaching and THE BEST GURU”

    Greg the Guru April 1, 2017
  • Subhash K says: Greg is the first Guru to test a trader's weaknesses and strengths. He shows genuine interest in knowing the trader inside out. He carefully examines the strengths and weakness of the new/experienced traders in order to address their deficiencies in their trading style and to empower them to change their bad habits in trading and embrace the good ones. Just as a Mentor/Guru plays his part in guiding, nurturing, motivating, we as amateur traders have to put effort in our trading and push beyond boundaries be successful in becoming a pro trader. After spending a session with Greg, he made me realize how I need to work on my confidence in trading and also have a trading plan written down and followed to the point. It is a privilege and honor to learn from an experienced and wise Guru such as Gregory Macloed.”

    Right Guru to lead his flock of traders April 1, 2017
  • Gabe B says: Just completed a session with Greg. Was supposed to be 30min but he gave me close to an hour of his time. Ran through some simulated trades asking what I would do and why. Its good to have someone question you!! He gave me some good insights on his methods and how to implement my own. Gave me a free checklist and advice on a broker and platform. Best thing was his perspective on what the market was saying with price action. Greg seems like a great guy and is willing to share. You gotta love that he isn't trying to make thousands off people by repackaging whats out there for free. THANKS Greg!”

    Greg !! April 1, 2017
  • David Y says: Compared with other forex mentors in the market, I think Greg is offering the best in the market. Greg not only worked in the Forex industry before, he is also a very experienced trader. I know that if I want to be the best in the market, I have to learn from the best. Greg does not disappoint me. Greg shows his trading mindsets and trading techniques during the pip and run session, which I found very valuable because he is trading live in front of the attendees. Everything is realtime and there is no BS. You see his success and failures, and we, the attendees, benefit from this because we learn real time. The most valuable service is the one on one coaching service. Not many forex mentor is willing to offer this service in the market without charging a high cost. Greg is generous enough to offer his service at a reasonable cost and solve problems for traders. I personally signed up for the service a few times with Greg and he gave me a lot of knowledge which I won't be able to learn without spending a few years searching the Net. If you are serious with your trading business and want a Master Trader to guide you, this is the person you should spend some time with.”

    Great Trader, Great Services! April 1, 2017
  • Paul O says: It is true, after hundreds of one way seminars using indicators which never seemed to be effective, Greg has finally added a great deal of clarification to where I have been going wrong in my trading. He explained things clearly, and went over points I did not understand patiently. Plus we had a laugh, which helps! I am excited about joining the trading community under Greg's guidance, and will be purchasing further courses with complete peace of mind that it is an investment I will definitely see a return on. I know taking the first step can seem daunting, but I urge you to go for it. After 10 minutes of speaking with Greg, you will know you made the right decision!!”

    I learnt more in an hour... April 1, 2017
  • Bari B says: After our short 30 minute time together, I gathered enough insight to become dangerous. Using the Pip & Run philosophy, probably not the exact methods you will teach, I made 14 trades; 5 losers -22.01, 9 winners 49.63. You already have changed my way of thinking. You mentioned two book that are good reads. Would you give me the titles again? I need your insight. I am 68 years old and need to supplement my income. Like you mentioned below, I know I can do this. I will find a way to do this. Your want to be disciple, Bari”

    Thirty Minutes to Improved Trading April 1, 2017
  • Steve A says: Like many others I have followed other professional FX traders and purchased material from them almost guaranteed to make me money. The only one making money off these purchases were the "professional traders" selling the eBooks or videos, certainly not me even as I followed their guidelines step by step, I first came across Greg when he worked for one the the worlds largest FX firms. While working there Greg would do almost daily webinars that I found insightful in nature. After Greg left that firm I recently found out he started the Forexpaydays site. Call it fate or luck but when I found this site Greg was offering a free month of access to his pipnrun sessions. Again I found his information useful and clearly explained in terms even this novice could understand. I was impressed with Gregs knowledge that I recently purchased two of his educational videos quite affordably priced, under $75.00 for both. This past weekend I watched both videos, one on properly constructing trendlines and the other on identifying supply and demand zones. Sunday afternoon I began looking at fx pairs constructing trendlines and S/D zones. The Eur/USD hourly pair looked like it was setting up for a bearish from the trendlines and S/D zones constructed. I placed a sell order and sure enough I was able to make 43 pips off that trade. Without watching the videos and listening to Greg I would have never been able to pinpoint entry and exit points. I have since had two other winning trades again using the information found in the videos. Greg is first to tell you not every trade will be a winning trade but if one does due diligence in their preparation you can and will become a better trader. Greg is very approachable and offers a free chat room through skype. To my amazement I received a phone call via skype from Greg last week just to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions for him, That totally took me for surprise as I am a semi retired individual who trades a micro account, not a client with tens of thousands of dollars at my disposal.”

    Greg's a diamond in a world full of coal April 1, 2017
  • Chuck B says: I've spent thousands of dollars on everything from Signal services to Automated trading systems. Maybe I can save readers some time and effort by stating, there is no Holy Grail out there. Losses are inevitable, yet with smart money management and a sound trading plan, your chances for success increase tremendously. Each trader is different in their approach, risk tolerance and desire to trade, either for a living or as an income supplement. As a result, you need a trading plan catered to your unique style and approach. Every entity out here boasts of results looking back. Although this is a learning tool,it is misleading since indicators and entry/exit points can be manipulated to reflect profits not realized. This is the only format where the primary trader displays profits and losses real time. This I can believe in. No hoopla, no promises. Just an honest blue collar approach to a trading day. My trading profits have increased tremendously since, I've been associated with Forex Paydays. My mentor spends time getting to know me and my trading goals.I highly recommend this to all searching for trading success. There is a saying, "Those that can trade. Those that can't teach". No better teacher than an active trader.”

    What You See is What You Get April 1, 2017
  • Tracey A says: I had spent the last two years trading with limited success despite spending thousands on coaching from a well known education provider in Australia. After one thirty minute session with Greg, EVERYTHING became clearer and I knew that scalping was the way forward for me. I followed the guidance and coaching that Greg provided and straight after the coaching session I had my best week ever - 34 trades with only 4 losses. Greg explained things very clearly and quickly established what my level of knowledge was and adapted his coaching to match that. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is having limited success with their current trading strategies - it has certainly been very profitable for me and I feel very positive about my future trading knowing that I now have an excellent mentor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

    30 mins Session with Greg April 1, 2017
  • Douglas M says: My prayers were answered when Greg finally went on his own and started a mentorship program. I have finally found someone that understands me. I need things to be STUPID-SIMPLE and Greg has been able to convey his trading technique in that manner. Greg's vast knowledge and 20+ years experience has finally allowed me to feel that I am trading on a level playing field. He has removed the "Fear Factor" from my equation and as good fortune continues, I may be able to have the "BIG BOYS" start fearing me.”

    A GRRRRRREAT FIND!! April 1, 2017
  • Han P says: Han P says: i have been trading on my own for the past 11yrs and after following greg for the past few months. greg has help me organize my trading knowledge and has mentored me in many ways, by sharing his own trading experience, secrets and tips. he pushed me in the right path to more green arrows. trading alone with a 20yr old timer. give mes confindent that what im doing is right. i ve never found such thing. wish hes was here when i got started. and his dolllar store prices compare to what i paid before. damm. i believe he wants to teach people the correct way on how trading actually works. so i would say you guys are pretty lucky ? i'm trying to do it the long way.”

    hes my elf April 1, 2017
  • Carmine M says: During the Pip n Run Greg talked about three trades that should be just quick scalps but they turned into some great swing trades. Greg's approach to the market makes trading very easy and profitable. He has a lot of experience and he does not hide any trick he has to make pips. The best part is to see that he really pull the trades and it's not just a recommendation so it's much reliable than just see the levels and listen to that talk "you should buy/sell here or there". I have been learning a lot with Greg and my trading days are much less stressful and the pips come much more often and easy. I recommend his sessions to anyone who is looking for an excellent mentor or coach.”

    Awesome trading session April 1, 2017
  • Adriese L says: Greg has many years of experience and he has no problem sharing his market experience,he is very easy to learn from.. I mostly appreciate his easy approach and how he uses easy ways for you to understand, that will help you remember ways to look at charts pattern and basic ways to remember how to use the indicators, especially the MACD. For me, I have to read something or do the same process over and over again for it to settle in my brain. His style with teaching is awesome!”

    Great Facilitator April 1, 2017
  • Chris H says: I was introduced to FOREX trading in late 2012 and opened a live account in January 2013. Like many rookie traders, I spent 6 months scavenging the Internet visiting websites, blogs, and forums to find a trading strategy that offered consistent results. I have always gravitated towards short-term trades, as I like the security of being flat before major event risks, before the end of the trading day, and at the end of the week. The biggest challenge for me was finding a mentor with credibility that consistently traded short-term setups with positive results. It’s my opinion that there are very few legitimate short-term traders willing to share their craft. There is no shortage of ‘tutors’ who claim to offer a profitable scalping strategy – they are littered across the Internet with channels on YouTube, private Websites, and forums. They all had one thing in common: Every one of them could ‘tall the talk’, but none of them actually traded live on a daily basis for their students to watch and participate. That changed after a friend introduced me to Greg McLeod. I sent a email to Greg in the Spring of 2013 asking if he would be open to working with me one on one to refine my strategy and address the challenges I was facing. Before starting my private tutoring with Greg, I had been through a tumultuous period of ups and downs as a Forex Trader. Like many ambitious traders, I opened a live account and started trading without any formal instruction. This cost me dearly. After six months and many thousands of dollars lost, I knew it was time to take a step back and invest some money in learning from a professional. Greg and I began working together twice a week and I immediately began to see improvement in my ability to read the market and understand price action. Greg’s approach is not a strict checklist of rules to follow. Greg doesn’t try to sell you on a complete step-by-step system. What he offers is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and he doesn’t claim to offer a Holy Grail technique. These gimmicks don’t work, and any seasoned currency to equities trader will agree they are a waste of time. What Greg offers is true understanding of the market. He teaches you why price moves like it does and how you can identify recurring patterns that if properly traded will give you an edge in the market.”

    Worth the Price April 1, 2017
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